Motion Graphics Reel 2019

Nothing in life is value-less. Everything has beauty and individuality. Even the smallest stylistic decision can make the biggest difference in the world, and I'm here to take advantage of those decisions in motion media and visual narrative.

Hi there.

My name's Ian Cruz.
I work Motion Graphics, Video Editing, and Graphic Design.

I’m trained in all things design and media with a BFA degree in Electronic Design and Multimedia at CUNY City College. My range in skills makes me very versatile and able to work both remotely and in professional team environments.

Let's be visually empowered together.

Power Button Entertainment
Event Organization

New Empire Shufflers
Dance Organization

Music Unto Visual
Student Thesis

Typeface Design
"Next Alphabet"

Typography Book
"The Light Years"

Typography Triptych
"Ironic Triptych"

UI/UX Icons
"Movi Mi"

Print Production
"Doctors Without Borders"

Poetry Book
"Roller Coasters"

Work Reel
Motion Graphics 2019

Banner Series
EPM Consulting Group

Beauty Supply Ad
Type / Beauty

Visual Software
MUV: Student Thesis

Technology Promo
Blockchain Tech Corp

Game Teaser
Slipstream GX

Sizzle Reel
The Collective Conscience

Musician Visual

Logo Animation

Event Ad
Famous Food Festival

Sizzle Reel
Depicture Studios

Event Trailer
Power Button Ent

POWER BUTTON Entertainment
Event Organization Foundation and Branding

Power Button Entertainment is a Music Event Organization I founded in 2017 based in New York City.

The organization is here to bring DJs together and present talent in the Electronic Dance Music industry for the world to see. I am its founder, designer and video artist. We've ran two official events and several free Monday events. I worked all design and media for the organization, including posters, social media, trailers, and live visuals.

Radio Teaser

Event Trailer

Music Promo

New Empire Shufflers
Dance Organization Volunteer Rebranding

New Empire Shufflers is a Dance Organization based in New York City.

Created by Edith C. Rivera and Shuffle NYC founder Deven Jay in 2015, the duo aimed to create a team that represents the diverse & unique talent New York has to offer. NES has since grown to over 50 members internationally and have performed at private events, launch parties, collaborations with major brands and participated in various music video projects. NES also provides shuffle classes and all level dance meetups at festivals (such as EDC NY, Ezoo, Moonrise), at local parks & studios.

The New Empire Shufflers mission is to continue to inspire by evolving our dance, showcasing our passion & growing our community through positive encouragement.

Music Unto Visual (MUV)
Music Responsive Visual Software Beta

Music Unto Visual (MUV) is open source visual software, based in Processing 3, for digital music performance artists. This project was created as part of the CUNY City College Electronic Design and Multimedia BFA Thesis Exhibition.

Using a clean, simple, and minimal interface, artists are able to create visuals for screens or projectors that will accompany their live performance without requiring a secondary computer.

By creating software that does not require a team of trained visual designers to operate, MUV will allow more musicians to experience and appreciate the world of live visual art. The software will read and understand standardized digital instrument protocols, so that live performers already familiar with today’s music software can seamlessly use MUV.

In addition to software, MUV’s collateral includes a print and pdf software manual, infographic poster, and a handout which describes the work and links to the website. A responsive website with free Mac and Windows software download will also be available as well as social media pages for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vimeo.

Next Alphabet
Retro Concept Typeface

Next Alphabet is a formulaic typeface influenced by Wim Crouwel's "Neue Alphabet" of the 1960s.

Wim Crouwel is one of my favorite graphic designers and I wanted to pay him homage by designing a typeface influenced by it, yet still functional for display use.

The Light Years
Typography Book

The Light Years is a short story written by Italo Calvino. This project uses type, and only type, to display structure and narrative.

Using "signs" displayed throughout the tale, type is presented in both body text and display text formats to create a narrative flow for the reader. Display type is more "playful," and uses varying placement, cropping, and manipulative techniques to express what the signs in the story are actually portraying.

The use of varying levels of black and dark blue are meant to portray that the universe is truly expansive, and that conversations in space will always surmise to some kind of "grey area," open to interperetation by any who view it.

Front Cover

Inside Front Cover

Printed Book

Ironic Triptych
Design Triptych Project

Ironic Triptych is a designed triptych utilizing the antonyms "Conservative" and "Liberal" alongside a third word "Indifferent".

A usage of 3D design, simple colors, and minimalism to produce an ironic play on politics and ideology. The figures made in 3D are designed to represent Lego pieces placed together. The "Conservative" poster is a play on "red" politics, in color, composition, and literal definition of the term. The "Liberal" poster plays on "blue" politics, creating a more "anarchic" scene with pieces sliding out like a game of Jenga. The "Indifferent" poster portrays pieces in green, signifying an RGB - influenced color triptych.

Movi Mi
Concept Smartphone App

Movi Mi is a conceptual fusion of Netflix and Fandango - a movie search optimization tool designed for finding and favoriting nearby theaters based on personal movie preferences.

Many movies air in theaters today, so much so that it can often times be hard to track all but your absolute must-watch films. MoviMi is a concept I came up with utilizing the mindset "Netflix for theater films". You can favorite film genres and theaters you like, have custom settings, and more.

This project utilizes a custom made set of icons and a mock User Interface. The iconography, interface, and color scheme is designed to invoke the presence of a traditional "Admit One" movie ticket.

Doctors Without Borders
Concept Rebranding and Stationery

Doctors Without Borders is an international humanitarian medical non-governmental organisation (NGO) of French origin best known for its projects in conflict zones and in countries affected by endemic diseases.

This conceptual rebranding project focuses on utilizing a new logo, typeface, and stationery for the brand. Deliverables include logo with type, letterhead, business card, and business envelope.

Roller Coasters
Poetry Book

Roller Coasters is a designed collection of poems written between 2011 and 2015.

The spreads contain sketches related or relevant to the poetry.

Front Cover

Inside Front Cover

Printed Book